We live in an era of unprecedented individual opportunity. Never in history has the individual had the power to access so much information. The empowerment of the computer age began as a transformation of analog information into digital bits, progressed through a period in which the physical processes of the world were gradually converted into bits, and now stands at the precipice wherein our physical worlds are managed and manipulated by digital bits in a ubiquitous manner.

The latest election in America represents a new era in the age of democracy and the empowerment of the individual. Collectively the voices of the individual were heard and we now stand ready, a multitude of individuals, empowered by the technology of ubiquitous informational and communicative interconnection. At the same time the world stands at the brink of material desecration and irreparable destruction. The efforts of the individual, mobilized by technology and communications, stand ready to reverse this tide, and lead us into a new age of clean energy, world cooperation, and global affluence that will assure our survival to the next millenia.



Energy Anarchy plans to empower each and every individual through the development of micro-energy technologies that will increase our energy usage efficiency through education about and implementation of micro-energy generation and storage capabilities within the home.


We will use our interconnectedness to monitor and encourage personal energy generation, conservation, and to use these efforts and capacities to re-organize the electrical distribution grid first in the United States and then abroad from the end user back to the main power plant. More than just technologies, this company represents a fundamental shift in the way we as individuals relate to our energy consumption. Energy Anarchy is a potentially boundary-less community of energy consumers and generators, conservationists and environmental re-constructors.


Much has been made of our aging electrical grid infrastructure and our vulnerability was clearly demonstrated during the blackout which affected the entire Northeastern United States in August of 2005. Our energy providers have been slow to respond, hampered by the sheer magnitude of capital expenditure required for them to retool an infrastructure that has been decades in the making. Energy Anarchy will provide a community in which energy conservation and generation is a game, a way of life, and an opportunity for economic advancement.

There are four components to the newly developing energy community here in the United States: Generation, Conservation, Storage and Energy Markets:

  • Generation within the home can come from a variety of sources. MicroHydro, Solar, thermal, and wind are some of the most obvious, others may emerge as technology develops.
  • Conservation represents a logical outgrowth from self-generation. By connecting individuals more closely with the power they consume, self-generation will enhance a willingness and interest in conservation. Just as the capture of numerous small but persistent energy generation sources can yield significant results, so too can numerous small efforts in energy conservation add up to significant savings.
  • Storage is the key to the efficient use of both renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro, but also represents a significant component of the efficient use of the “smart-grid.” Because many renewable sources are inconsistent, and because demand throughout the day is inconsistent, storage represents a major factor in smoothing demand for energy consumed through the newly democratized smart grid environment. As plug in electric cars proliferate during the coming decade, households will find themselves with a readymade, fairly large capacity of energy storage that could be used to store energy during non-peak times and sell energy back to the grid during peak times.
  • Energy Markets would provide the opportunity for individuals to strive for a net-zero monthly cost of their energy consumption. An individual connected to a democratized smart grid can purchase electricity at times when demand is low supplementing their self generated energy capacity and, taking advantage of their own personal storage capabilities can sell back the energy at a profit during times when demand is high. Demand pricing is a key factor to this system and must be implemented system wide in order for the newly democratized grid to function.

Energy Anarchy represents an opportunity for every individual to take control of their own personal relationship to energy and to play a significant role in our quest towards energy independence, the defeat of global warming, and the eradication of poverty.

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