Food Inc. and Energy Anarchy
June 22nd, 2009 by steve

Last night Jocelyn and I saw this new documentary called Food Inc. http://www.foodincmovie.com/ which explores subject matter revolving around two books, The Omnivore’s Dillemma (by Michael Pollan http://www.michaelpollan.com ) and Fast Food Nation (by Eric Schlosser http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Schlosser and also made into a film directed by Richard Linkletter).  It’s one of those films that you feel like everybody should watch, and if they did, then the world would instantly become a better place.  I knew that there were implications to buying locally made food that involved saving the energy of transport.  But what this film really emphasizes are the less obvious energy inputs that factory farming consumes and which are subsidized by government legislation that is unjustly and exceedingly influenced by the large food processing corporations.  (Of course there’s a huge “health” issue that is really at the heart of the film and which is important, but being an Energy Anarchist I viewed it through the energy lens.)  Why can a fast food hamburger be sold for 99 cents when a pound of brocolli can cost almost 2 dollars?  The answer is the government subsidization of Corn and Soybean crops which prevent the true cost of the energy inputs to be factored in throughout the “fast food chain”.  What does this mean for Americans, particularly those with low incomes who are better able to afford a trip to BK than one to the local supermarket?  Obesity and an extremely high incidence of diabetes.

Overall this film made us feel particularly good about the choice we’ve made to support our new farming friend Christopher Totman, but it’s horrifying to see what our food chain has devolved into.  Energy Anarchists!  We have to eat differently!  It’s another way we can vote with individual actions and effect large and influential outcomes.  Go see this movie and find out why!

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