Did I Say No Sports?
June 6th, 2009 by steve

OK.  So it’s not that I’m such a sports head, but I do like the drama of some of the larger events.  And today I was lamenting not being able to watch Roger Federer in the French Open Final tomorrow morning at 9am.  (A little early to hit up a bar don’tcha think?)

Anyway, I rode my bike over to JandR and I bought a 34 dollar “HDTV antenna” made by Terk.  I hooked it up to the TV and now I get all the major networks!  IN HD!  And it looks even better than it used to over cable because apparently it’s not compressed whereas the cable company has to squish down the signal to pump all those channels and signals through that skinny little coax wire.

It’s like WiFi for your TV!  What a concept.  And to think, this is how they did it in the old days.

A really helpful website that I found is called “Antenna Web”  http://www.antennaweb.org .  They have a nifty locator that lets you type in your address and it’ll tell you where all the TV signals are beaming from and will show them on a map.  That way if your antenna isn’t picking up the signal so well, you can point it in the right direction.  (If your antenna’s directional that is, some are omni directional.)  The site also explains a lot about what kind of antenna you need and what labels to look for on an antenna when you’re buying one.  (There’s a colorful pie chart symbol used by the CEA to indicate suitability for different applications.)

Check it out!

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