Micro Energy Savings from your Plasma TV
June 7th, 2009 by steve

Hey!  We all know that properly inflating your tires get you better gas mileage.  But did you know that properly calibrating your plasma TV can improve your set’s energy performance?  I didn’t!  But while I was searching for some technical information about how to connect the aforementioned antenna to my Panasonic TH42pz700U I stumbled across a review on CNET that illustrated the following performance enhancements from “calibrating” the set.  I had no idea that this was possible (nor do I know exactly how to do it do any of you?)  But that’s a significant savings of about 1/3 of the juice!


Panasonic TH-42PZ700U Picture settings
Default Calibrated Power Save
Picture on (watts) 464.07 318 N/A
Picture on (watts/sq. inch) 0.62 0.42 N/A
Standby (watts) 0.58 0.58 N/A
Cost per year $141.28 $96.92 N/A
Score (considering size) Poor
Score (overall) Poor 



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